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Last updated on Jul 28 2020
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At Telemart, we want to make your online shopping experiences the most enjoyable ever. That’s why we focus all our brands and policies around you, including payment.

We offer you the freedom to choose from 6 different, yet equally simple, payment options.

What is Cash on Delivery?

We know the easiest way to pay for your online shopping in Pakistan and online deals are with cash. To enjoy this payment option, simply select the “Cash on Delivery” option when you book your order. You will receive a call from customer care before your product is sent to your door, giving you more than enough time to have the cash ready.

Our Customer Support Representative might ask you to submit a certain portion of the total amount as advance payment on selected products for confirmation purpose.

How do I pay using a credit/debit card?

If you have a credit card, we have another exciting option available for you. Simply choose to pay via credit card and enjoy a hassle-free payment.
Telemart is working hard at expanding this facility to other branches. However, you can only enjoy his facility at our head office for now. We’ll let you know when we add more branches. Stay tuned!

Online Bank Transfer

If you’re more comfortable paying with your online bank account, we give you the freedom to do so.After shopping online, simply choose “bank transfer” as your mode of payment. By using the latest encryption methods, we ensure your data is always safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy online shopping in Pakistan.

Direct Bank Deposits

If you live close to our banks or feel more comfortable directly depositing your payment, Telemart lets you do just that. Simply walk into any of the 3 banks below and directly deposit our payment. It’s as easy as that!

ATM Transfers

Have an ATM near your home or office? Pay directly with your ATM card and enjoy seemingly fast payment. Online Shopping in Pakistan has never been easier!


Telemart may ask customers to deposit payment in advance (partial or full) for certain products as an assurance for the order.

Refund Process

If your pre-paid order is canceled due to unavailability of the product or any other reason pertaining to Telemart, you shall be entitled to a full refund by Telemart which shall be processed and executed within 10 to 15 working days.

Payment Policy:

Telemart can change the price of the ordered, the price fluctuation can be due to currency devaluation, shortage of product or any other unforseen incident. In such case Telemart will let the customer know the new price and if the customer agrees then only Telemart will dispatch the product.

Our Bank Account Details:

Account Title:Telemart Private LimitedAccount NO:3001355900234397IBAN:PK35FAYS3001355900234397Branch:Sharfabad
Account Title:Telemart Private LimitedAccount NO:0213-261912809IBAN:PK22UNIL0109000261912809Branch:Shahrah E Faisal Branch

If you would like further clarification about Telemart’s payment options, feel free to contact us on email us at [email protected]